Should Managers or HR leaders Hire Employees? [Video]

While it may seem like common sense that  managers should hire their own teams, the truth is more nuanced. One of the tips from Laszlo Bock’s book “Work Rules! Insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead” is that managers should leave hiring decisions to HR leaders.

Why? Because when a manager hires a new employee, the employee may feel more loyalty to the manager who hired them than to the company itself. This could lead to a conflict for the employee if the manager were ever to act in a way that was contrary to the best interests of the company.

One solution is to have HR leadership and management work together on hiring decisions. Managers can vet employees from a larger pool, sit in on interviews and offer their advice to HR leaders to help inform the final decision. Managers other than the candidate’s direct supervisor can also form part of the interviewing team. The hiring decision then becomes one of consensus, which will make it easier for the new employee to become part of the team.

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